Fusion Charts Java Wrapper Updated

February 2, 2010 by: David Lai

Fusion Charts Java Wrapper v1.0 released

I’ve updated the fusion charts java wrapper that I released in a previous post, however many people were having problems getting to work, so I’ve changed some stuff around and updated the wrapper with clear instructions on getting it to work for everyone.

The FusionCharts wrapper requires Java 1.5+ in order to run so make sure you have this set in the compile settings.
The package was tested on Eclipse JEE Galileo where you can download at the Eclipse website here
With the Web Tools Platform 3.1.1 addon here
In addition please install Tomcat which can be found here

I’ve released 4 versions that you can download ranging from the full source to just a war file.
Please click on the links to download your desired version
FusionCharts War File (web project)
FusionCharts Full Source (web project)
FusionCharts Jar File
FusionCharts Full Source
Java Docs

Part 1: Installation

I’ll explain how to install each version now.
1. Make sure your compiler is set to Java 1.5 or higher

2. Make sure your buildpath is using a Java runtime of 5.0 or higher

3. If you are using the WAR or the fullsource web project file (make sure you have unzipped it to your workspace), right click on the project explorer and select import either WAR or existing projects into workspace.

If you are using the JAR file, make sure you also import the jar into your WEB-INF lib folder

4. GREAT! now if you want you can try running the examples
Start your tomcat server by right clicking on your project -> run as -> run on server. Then select Tomcat and the location where you installed tomcat.

Finally go to your browser of choice and test out the example_alternative.jsp

For instructions on using the wrapper please click on my next post here
or you can download the user guide here

In addition click here to access the Java Docs


6 Responses to “Fusion Charts Java Wrapper Updated”
  1. harsh says:

    Hi David,

    I have some issues regarding fusion chart.
    I am not getting caption on fusion charts,which is declared in FusionGraph class.

    Please give me some idea how and where i have to declare it

    Hoping for positive reply


  2. kxue says:

    can’t download now

  3. Hi David,

    I wanted to change color of bar chart.
    I am using fc-fusion plug-in in pentaho 5.2

    can you please provide some guidance to change color of bar. ?

    I had tried following statement in pre/post execution of the chart but it won’t work.


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