CurrentDate() not what you think in Web Intelligence

April 10, 2017 by: David Lai

In Web Intelligence there are a variety of helpful date functions that you can use.

2 in particular are CurrentDate() and CurrentTime().

You would think that CurrentDate() returns just the current date and CurrentTime() returns the current datetime.

However both return the exact same result which makes it confusing, especially if you are using date dimensions where the time is stripped off. The funny thing is that most people don’t even catch this issue when they are using CurrentDate() !

Let’s take the example below assuming today is April 10, 2017:

Create a table and insert the formula CurrentDate() into one of the cells.

CurrentDate() formula


Looks simple enough right?

Well then try this! Add 2 compare formulas. One that compares CurrentDate() with today no time and another that checks if CurrentDate() is <= today no time.

CurrentDate vs Today

You’ll see that the CurrentDate() formula does not equal today! Which is troublesome because date dimensions generally contain just the date itself and not the time.

If you change the format of the cell to long date, you will see that you are getting the current time.

CurrentDate long format


Unfortunately this is not user friendly as both CurrentDate() and CurrentTime() are now redundant formulas. When I select CurrentDate() I am expecting just the date itself and not the time as well!  Anyhow below contains a quick workaround to fix the issue.

Step 1

Create a new variable called c_current_date, that will strip the time from CurrentDate().

Current Date Variable

Step 2

Now compare the variable c_current_date variable with a today no time.

Correct current date vs today

We now see the correct answer!


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  1. Rohit Nemade says:

    kindly let us know From where currentdate function gets date and time,
    In BO server we have set time zone ist , but when I use this function getting date and time as per GMT.

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